Sterling Hollow Formed Modernist Gemstone Floral Ring

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The ring is hollow and free-formed, so altho it is large in size it is very easy to wear. The sides are carved with Dogwood florals and vine and the top of the ring has 3 hand-formed flowers and leaf draping over the side. The centres of the flowers are genuine pieces of Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst. I tumbled this piece in Hone and Highlight Media which gave it a matte, brushed look then I polish the flat points. I then finished it in steel shot to shine it up ever so slightly, to retain its organic feel.
The ring shank, altho it cannot be seen fully, is a very thick 5mm wide piece of sterling silver, it will never warp or bend!

It is sized for a 9 US finger. This ring contains a lot of sterling silver and feels wonderful with the weight!

All of my jewellery is One of Kind statement pieces. All are handcrafted entirely by hand, in my garage studio in the Queensland Tropics.