The Shining HERE'S JOHNNY Collectible Murrini Glass & Sterling Ring

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This 'Here's Johnny' murrini collectible piece has been in my collection since 2006 when famed glass artist Chris Juedemann, of Glass Kitchen, did a limited release of this Jack Nicholson coin. It is now impossible to purchase from any collector and highly collectible in the glass world. From an iconic cinematic scene from The Shining, this murrini coin is instantly recognisable and makes for an awesome and comment inducing piece of jewellery!

I have set it into solid sterling and fine silver. It is securely set into a thick bezel surround with claws. I have intentionally made the setting and band textured and rustic, in keeping with Jack Torrance axing down the door to get to his family. The ring shank is double-layered, will never warp out of shape, and features a hand-stamped HERE'S JOHNNY. This is obviously a one of a kind ring and literally can not be duplicated.

It is sized 7.5 to 8 US or P/Q Australian and UK. Hallmarked with my Logo and purity stamps. 

All of my jewellery is One of a Kind statement pieces. All are handcrafted entirely by hand, in my garage studio in the Queensland Tropics.