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What is Lampworking?

Working molten glass is a process called Lampworking. That is because, in the old days, glassworkers would use the flame of an oil lamp as a heat source to melt the glass. 

The glass comes in rods of many different colours. These are hand-pulled in Murano, Italy. The ending of the glass rod becomes molten in the high-temperature flame of the torch. These days gas/oxygen torches are the most common lampworking tools.

As soon as the glass is heated enough and becomes flexible, it is wound around stainless steel wire (mandrel). The core of the bead is shaped and decorated with stringers and other techniques. Layers can be added on top of each other to achieve different effects. Precious metals can be incorporated into bead designs.

After the bead is finished, it is placed into a kiln, to soak in a high-temperature heat to relieve all the possible stress inside and to prevent the bead from cracking. When cooled down, the beads are taken off the mandrels and cleaned. They are now 'bead-licious' and ready to be set into my Silverwork!